Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finished Kitchen Island

Our budget kitchen renovation has been a work in progress for about 18 months. We started out with gold walls, and oak cabinets, so it's come a long way and we're nearing the home stretch. When my mom and uncle visited about 2 months ago my uncle noted that I had taped a rectangle on the floor with painter's tape. Upon hearing my plan to DIY a kitchen island he offered to build it for us. We are so thankful as the piece he made is a million times sturdier and nicer than my woodworking skills would have allowed for. Plus there's the tiny detail that I don't currently own power tools beyond a drill.

I'd always assumed our kitchen was too narrow to accomodate an island, but was inspired by the image below.

However marble was a bit above our desired price range. We followed the advice of the Everyday Enchanting post on DIY islands, and ordered the Grand Harvest Island Post from Osborne Wood. I purchased the posts in pine, as I thought we were likely to paint the island eventually, and my uncle was able to construct the rest of it with oak he had in his workshop stash. Even before any finish I was in love with the transformation this piece brought to our kitchen.

I knew we wanted the top to be natural wood, but deliberated a bit about the finish for the remainder of the piece. In truth a dark stain would have been lovely, but I know my limits, and staining is not high on my skills list. In the end I painted the body of the piece with a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint that was about 1 part linen to 1 part schloss. I used this mix largely because I had these two shades on hand, but I ended up really liking the creamy gray's contrast with the natural top. The top was oiled with a basic butcher block oil. 

Next stops are lighting and a backsplash!

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