Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Children's Book Recommendations for Holiday Gift Giving

It may be the fact that I'm a recent graduate of a library science program talking, but books are one of my favorite things to gift. They are easy to travel with, or send, don't take up much space in the recipient's home, and the possibilities are endless in terms of subject matter and budget.

Here are a few recommendations for great books to gift to the children in your life, in no particular order:

This one is new to me but a quick glance through it on a recent shopping trip made it clear that this would be a lovely choice for a variety of age ranges and interest levels. It's filled with gorgeous pictures and chock full of information. 

The illustrated Harry Potter book is my number one children's recommendation for this year (and many adults would enjoy it as well). It brings a new dimension to enjoyment of the Harry Potter books, has beautiful illustrations, and may make an introduction to the series a bit easier for a reluctant reader. 

Owl Moon is not a new title, but is one of my favorite children's books of all time. In fact I love it so much I even read it aloud at a recent job interview (see: perks of hunting for a position in youth services). The winter setting makes it a great choice for holiday gifting. I'd place this one as appropriate for ages 4+. 

Obviously this one is another classic, but for those who are unfamiliar all of the Scarry books in this series are lovely. Searching for the elusive "gold bug" on each page adds to the excitement. This one is perfect for ages 2+. 

Once again I am showing my bias, as DePaola is my favorite children's author, but the 26 Fairmount Avenue books showcase life in the 1940s in an accessible manner for young children. My 8-year old adds that they are "sooooo funny." I'm a bit of a broken record in recommending these, but they are that good. Recommended for grade 2 and up.  

I selected this book while I was interning at a local library over the summer. It includes poems from an assortment of well-known poets, and some very sweet illustrations. 

As this Cynthia Rylant classic creeps towards its 20th birthday it has lost none of its poignancy. If you're looking for a title to add to your yearly Christmas book reading choose this one. Just be ready to grow a bit teary eyed at the end. 

I also ran across this title on a recent shopping trip. This one is lots of fun for your little geography buff. 

I'm dating myself with this recommendation, but this Rumer Godden story works as well now as I imagine it did upon its publication in 1958. The updated illustrations bring this title to new generations of readers. I'd recommend this one for ages 4-10. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the beginning of this beautiful season. 

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